AnimAnime Drawinge is a hand drawn cartoon or computer generated Japanese animation.  Anime is designed to reach a wide target audience including children and adults.

The source for Japanese anime comes from manga comics and light novels.  Manga is a popular comic series that many people in Japan read. Some of these comics have been transformed into anime shows that bring the beauty and action of these popular series into the lives of people who are living far from Japan.

The characters in Anime are very often have special abilities. For instance there are cartoons where you have vehicles that morph into robots which are controlled by people. You will find stories about magical girls, robot warriors , humans with superpowers, or strange creatures like Pokémon.

Anime GirlOne of the primary elements you’ll notice in Japanese animation is the exaggerated feelings. This is one of the main reasons why anime cartoons are well liked.

In order to get good results when you are learning how to draw anime you should have a number of sheets of paper handy. You will also need different types of pencils – which are in a varying state of sharpness – on hand. The final items that you will need when you are practicing how to draw anime are a good eraser and some anime reference material.

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Recommended Books

Anime: A History by Jonathan Clements is a comprehensive history of Japanese animation with testimony from industry professionals.