Chess SetThe game of chess is a strategy game that is actually quite simple to learn but difficult to master. The goal of the game to capture the opposing king. This requires planning your next move and trying to predict how your opponent will move. Chess has been played for centuries and is still popular today.

Not only is playing the game fun but the set itself is a piece of art. The are many chess set styles and themes as well as a combination of qualities such as size, weight, style, craftsmanship, and material.   Since each chess set is its own piece of art this hobby can become a collectors hobby as well.

Many of the chess sets you see today are made from rosewood, and make for some very durable sets. The pieces can be dropped, rolled, and otherwise abused, typically staying intact for the duration.  Glass  is another option. It’s prettier but it does lack in durability. Many chess enthusiast tend to love marble chess sets. Marble is very durable, and it will of course last for a very long time. You can even buy sets in camel bone.

If you’re interested in entering chess tournaments you can learn the specifics of tournament rules and find a tournament regulation set. Tournament sets must be a particular size, weight, and sometimes style. The pieces must usually be within a particular size range and should also be in a particular proportion with one another and the board.  Staunton chess sets are generally the standard for tournaments.

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  • The Immortal Game: A History of Chess by David Shenk

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