Making hard candy is so much fun and can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids. Both beginning and experienced candy makers can easily find a candy to make that will suit their skill level. Remember not to be too ambitious when you’re new to this craft.

How To Get Started

If you are looking for a fun craft to do with your children, consider making rock candy. Try starting with the easiest recipe, like rock candy. Making rock candy is truly an easy candy to make and loads of fun to do. The kids will love to watch the sugar crystals growing to make candy, but they will enjoy eating it more.

When you get used to boiling a sugar solution, measuring its temperature, etc., you can try to tackle the more difficult candies like peanut brittle or fudge. By doing this, you’ll learn the little secrets it takes to succeed. For example, you should always make candy on a cool, dry day. Candy is made from sugar, which pulls moisture from the air. So if you tried to make candy on a warm, sticky day, this would make the cooking time increase. Also the sugar substance should boil, not simmer. Otherwise the candy will not harden properly. It is these little things that will make you successful at candy making.

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