Iced Green TeaHerbal tea is a completely natural way to take advantage of natures health benefits while enjoying a delicious drink. Herbs such as Ginseng, a plant found in North America and Asia can helps provide you with energy and prevent fatigue.

When you make your own herbal tea you get tea that is fresh, soothing and delicious…and it’s a better alternative to coffee or sugar laden soft drinks. It’s no wonder that herbal tea is among the most popular drinks in the world.

You can easily get tea bags or fresh herbs at your local grocery, however, that’s not your only option. You can also grow your own herbal garden , or buy loose leaf tea and dried herbs from an herbal shop.

There are a ton of blends and recipes for you to try, so don’t limit yourself to a single herb. With just a few tweaks you can make yourself good herbal tea blend in just a short time.

Herbal Tea Health Benefits

Herbs have been used for thousands of years as natural remedies. People today are using more and more organic and natural supplements in an effort to improve their health, including herbal tea. There are many advertised herbal remedies, however, not all of these are backed by the medical community, even though herbalists or the general public may.

Always be aware of your allergies and do not substitute the benefits of herbal tea for medical attention. Always follow directions on the package and always consult your doctor if you want to consider using an herb to help with a medical condition. Your doctor knows best and do not take you your health into your own hands.

Learn more at the Herbs Research Foundation.

What’s the difference between drugs and herbs?

Medical drugs are generally considered to be chemicals that can prevent, prolong the life, treat other effects of a health condition, improve the quality of life, and/or cure ailments and diseases, or alter the function of any part or chemicals inside the body. In order for a medical drug to be sold on the market it must go through and extensive testing and approval process. In the United States this is done by the FDA.

Herbal supplements on the other hand are not classified as drugs but as dietary supplements. The main difference is that they do not have to be approved by any agency. Dietary supplements can contain vitamins, minerals, herbals, or amino acids, all aimed to added to or supplement the diet of an individual. However, these supplements are not intended to be taken as a standalone substitute for any food or medicine.

Read more from the Mayo Clinic.

Talk to Your Doctor

Today, there are a lot of herbal products being sold in the market but remember that herbal tea remedies are not necessarily based on medical research. Health professionals are aware of the benefits of complementary alternative medicine (CAM) so they can assist you if you decide to buy herbal products.

If you want to try to treat a medical conditioning using an herbal remedy then you need discuss it with your doctor. Your doctor has a complete knowledge of your medical background. For example, sometimes people with heart, liver, kidney trouble, or other medical problems are advised not to take certain herbs or limit to minimum amounts. Ephedra for example can be used for losing weight but also contains chemicals with heart-inducing effects that can increase heart rate. And Kava, which is used by many to relieve stress also contains substances believed to cause liver damage.

How to Make Herbal Tea

Herbal tea revolves around techniques and methods that are so simple that anyone can make it.

1. Get your tea bags

2. Microwave a cup of water

3. Place a teabag in the cup

4. Let it steep for the recommended steeping time

Traditional Method

1. Get your equipment — You need a teapot to steep your tea. Often these are ceramic teapot or glass. You will also want a kettle to boil your water and whistle letting you know that’s it’s ready. Lastly, you will need a teacup.

2. Get your herbs — You can either grow these in your own garden or buy herbs. Remember that both organic spices as well as organic herbs provide chemical-free purity. If you want to go with either dried or fresh herbs, rest assured that both offer excellent aroma as well as flavor.

3. Boil your water and add it to pot — Use your tea kettle to boil your water. Of course you can use tap water but if you do not want extra minerals in your water you can get some distilled or bottled water. After the water is boiled, pour some from you kettle into your teapot. Sometimes it’s recommended to let the water settle in your kettle for 5 minutes or so before using.

4. Add your herbs and steep — If your teapot has a built in strainer then you an simply put the herbs in the pot. If there is no built in strainer then you will need to wrap your herbs in a straining cloth or strain your tea prior to pouring yourself a cup. You just don’t want to have a cup full of herbs that you end up drinking. Let the tea steep the recommended steeping time.

5. Enjoy your tea — Pour a cup of tea from your pot into your tea cup. Add milk, lemon, or sugar to taste and enjoy.

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